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Grand Gift Basket For The Newborn

  • When celebrating the arrival of a colleague's newborn baby girl in Montreal, nothing speaks volumes of love and blessings quite like our GRAND GIFT BASKET FOR THE NEWBORN. This remarkable gift ensemble goes above and beyond, ensuring the occasion is truly memorable. Within this thoughtfully curated basket, discover a plethora of essentials for the baby, alongside plush toys and gourmet treats for the proud parents.

    At the heart of this ensemble lies a comfortable and chic little black dress adorned with charming captions and jewel designs, promising to dress the little princess in adorable style. Equipped with convenient snaps at the bottom, diaper changes become hassle-free. Additionally, a delightful plush kitten awaits, offering endless cuddles and playtime fun with its soft, fluffy fur.

    The basket also includes a pink toy for the baby's amusement and a practical snacks cup to keep her satisfied. With a secure lid to prevent spills, this cup ensures snacks stay intact during playtime adventures.

    Moreover, the GRAND GIFT BASKET FOR THE NEWBORN boasts an array of gourmet delights for the parents to savor during moments of relaxation. From milk walnut chocolates to Korean barbecue chips, dark chocolate sea salt caramels, and gone crackers, each treat is carefully selected to delight the palate.

    Packaged elegantly in a wicker basket, this versatile gift not only serves as a delightful surprise but also as a functional accessory for picnics or organizing baby essentials.

  • This is what is included in this gift:

    Little Black Dress 3 Months :Our 'Little Black Dress Tutu' bodysuit is perfect for baby girls. Our bodysuit comes in a classic black color to show off your hip little cutie.

    BOSS Milk White Chocolate :Boss Chocolate is specially made to compliment wine.  Our White Chocolate Bars pair excellently with Riesling, Cider, Chianti, Moseato and Sauvignon

    Kettle Korean Barbeque Chips :Kettle Brand Korean Barbeque potato chips are saucy and savory, with hints of sweet plum, garlic, hoisin and vinegar. They truly capture the authentic flavor and fun of Korean Barbeque.

     Marich Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels :Our number one bestseller, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels are crafted from pure cane sugar, real AA butter with just a hint of sea salt. Our signature gable box is the perfect indulgent gift for any occasion.

    Gone Crackers Roasted Shallot & Herb :One word: delicious. We wish you could be there when this cracker is baking. The flavor of the roasted shallot is perfectly incorporated throughout the cracker. Suggested White Wine Pairings: Chardonnay, Riesling.  Suggested Red Wine Pairings: A hearty red.  Suggested Food Pairing: Strong cheeses, pates, antipastos, hummus, soups or stews

    Perfectly Plush Kit Kat Grey :7.5" Sitting Kitten

    Basket-Wicker-Picnic-Basket  Medium to dark brown traditional lidded retinular willow wicker picnic basket with leatherette buckle straps with
    Leatherette carry handle. H - 7", W - 14", D - 10"

    Cookie It Up Shorts White Chocolate Cranberry :Soft with buttery goodness, these shortbread cookies vanish in your mouth, leaving a parting note of tart cranberries to chew and savor.

    Oxot Tot Transition Sippy Cup Set Pink 6oz :The Sippy Cup’s valve is designed to be easy for liquid to flow when your little one is drinking, but is sealed tight when the cup is tipped, making it leakproof when it needs to be.  The unique twist-in valve is easy to install and stays secure, even when the Cup is dropped (or thrown!).  The Set also includes a Training Lid to mimic grown-up cups, and when your big kid is ready, the disk can be removed to be used as an open cup.

    4 piece block puzzle :Combines six puzzles into one set of blocks.

    Hogtown Eats Camembert :The bloomy rind of Camembert is unmistakable. Equal in beauty, the pearly interior is smooth, soft and holds its consistency throughout. Kissed with earthy and sweet tones, this white mold cheese captivates with its slight hints of caramelized butter and foraged mushrooms. The aftertaste is rounded and somewhat tangy, with a pleasant and soft finish.

    Popcorners Sweet Chili :If you like sweet and heat, you’re in for a treat. Our secret to making this ONE BETTER starts with the spices themselves. Garlic, onion and paprika come together for a signature taste that rivals your best game day chili recipe.

    Sock and Onesies Cupcake: Sara Kety Infant Unisex Bodysuit - Sizes 0-6 Months, 1 pair of socks transformed into an adorable little cupcake.

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