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Happy Diwali From India Gift Set

  • Embrace the spirit of Diwali with our carefully curated Happy Diwali From India Gift Set. Immerse yourself in the richness of traditional Indian snacks, thoughtfully assembled to convey the essence of Diwali directly from India. This exquisite basket beautifully blends global flavors with Indian traditions, featuring a delightful assortment of decadent chocolates and special Diwali treats. This gift is a perfect treat for your family, friends, and loved ones, offering a harmonious mix of savory delights and sweet delicacies. Indulge in the renowned Ratlami sev, crispy fried sticks made from nutritious chickpea and infused with the aromatic blend of signature Indian spices. The box also includes Murukku, spice-coated peanuts, decadent chocolates, soan-cake, and cookies, providing a medley of textures and flavors for a truly festive experience. Ease into the Diwali celebrations by simply clicking and ordering the Happy Diwali From India Gift Set from the comfort of your home. Let these delectable treats transport you to a world of Indian flavors, making your Diwali celebrations even more special. As an added bonus, the set includes a stylish cutting board, enhancing your kitchen essentials. Make this Diwali memorable for your family, friends, or relatives with this delightful gift.

  • This is what is included in this gift:

    Raju Namkeem Ratlami sev: Ratlami sev is a famous snack of Ratlam which is loved by all. It is an Idol snack for those who loves spicy snack. Ratlam is known for its savory snacks because of its rich and spicy flavor. Ratlami sev is crispy fried snack made from nutritive gram flour and Indian flavors with of punch of clove. It can goes well with the evening Tea.

    Haldiram Kashmiri Dalmoth: Haldiram has widened its product range to a great extent. It has got its store filled with delectable spices and sweets. Haldiram Kashmiri Dalmoth is one from their store to carry the best taste with crispy bites. Quality of the products are always ensured when it comes about the brand Haldiram. They delivers the best to the consumers. Kashmiri Dalmoth are always best in taste and rich in nutritions, since they have good source of dietary fiber, carbohydrates and protein.     

    Unna Bakery Vanilla Dream Cookies 3.4oz: Our award-winning delicate vanilla cookie has a light vanilla flavor and is perfect with tea or coffee.         

    Marich Triple Chocolate Toffee:Our perfectly buttery handcrafted toffee wrapped in creamy milk, dark, and marbled dark and white chocolate.         

    Cookie It Up Dark Chocolate Oatmeal: The exquisite union of dark chocolate, crunchy oats and coconut.           

    Haldiram's Murukku: A royal recipe from Tamil Nadu that combines nutritious rice flour and urad dal to make delightfully crispy twisties. Infused with a blend of traditional spices, these crunchy snacks will keep you coming back for more!    

    Cutting Board: Bamboo wooden cutting board. 12 " x 9" x 0.5"    

    Beer Nuts Barbeque Chipnuts: Barbeque Chip Nuts combines two classic and delicious salty snacks. Jumbo cocktail peanut with a crunchy barbeque flavor potato chip coating.         

    Neuhaus Belgian Chocolate Pralines Ballotin: "The ballotin box was created by Jean Neuhaus and his wife Louise Agostini in 1915. It was designed as an attractive way to present the pralines and to protect them on their way from the chocolate store to their lucky recipient.

    The Classic ballotin box offers a tempting chocolate assortment with praliné, ganache and gianduja fillings that will appeal to any chocolate lover. The 1/4 lb box contains 8 pralines including such favorites as:Sapho - This sweet praline is a wonderful combination of milk chocolate and a smooth Californian almond praliné. The carefully selected and roasted almonds give the praliné its exquisite and perfectly balanced flavor.Coeur Praliné - This soft Turkish hazelnut praliné in a milk chocolate shell releases the sweet flavors of hazelnut and chocolate. The smooth texture of this praliné filling enhances the soft, sweet character of this praline.Napoléonette - Delicate milk chocolate with a praliné filling with a hint of fresh coffee. The combination of milk chocolate and coffee is a delectable blend of delicacy and strength." 

    European Soaps Canada-Urban Nirvana-Citrus + Seed Soap Bar (100g):Urban Nirvana. Create a spa in the comfort of your own home. Decadent fragrances created in the finest fragrance houses of France and Italy.

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