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Jalapeno Cheese Ball

  • The Jalapeno Cheese Ball from Montreal Baskets  is a delightful treat that will impress all cheese lovers. Packed with cream cheese, cheddar cheese, and jalapeno, it is a perfect addition to any party or gathering, especially during the holidays. As an added bonus, this gift basket also includes a beautiful teak and acacia wood cutting board. For a personalized touch, you can customize the basket by adding items like wine, champagne, liquor, beer, or other gourmet foods. See below for more details.

  • This is what is included in this basket:

    Teak & Acacia Round Cutting Board : cheese platter or a perfect board for an appetizer. Big enough that you can display multiple foods on it, but not so big it becomes cumbersome.  Metric - Diameter 33 x 1.5cm  Imperial - Diameter 13 x 0.6in

    Jalapeno Cheese Ball : This is hands down one of the yummiest treats to serve at your next holiday party. Packed with cream cheese, jalapeno and cheddar cheese, this is a perfect addition to any holiday platter.

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